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C96 / C12 Broomhandle / maybe not a new topic...
« on: December 26, 2022, 05:44:34 AM »
esteemed collectors:

I have one of these beasts. A relic from my father as passed to him. Based on my age (52) and the relative experiences of his father and uncles, the specimen may be wartime but likely not.

Gorgeous example of the weapon, with no discernible flaws, but that can be debatable these days...

This specimen is a numbers-matching pistol (167332) and I can't find anything that changes that. No stock, and no other bits. If I assume the available data to be true, this is a late 1914 model (based on the serial number of 167332).

If that date-code is correct, this pistol was an "export" model and is what it is. The proof mark at the end of barrel is a pair of crowns(maybe) and a "U" inline with the barrel. Perhaps these are "obvious" marks to collectors, but I am new to this... the only other mark is a "bug" mark on the frame, directly below the hammer...I don't know what that "bug" means, or why it matters, thus my inquiry.

If this pistol is a fake, it's a very pretty one. Every piece and fitment is tight. It shoots well and feels authentic in that regard.

So at this point the question I pose is, simply: is this a real example?  Sadly I can't rely on simply trusting the numbers stamped, or the the other (few) proof marks... unlike my others... so how to tell, definitively, is the question. With so many folks trying to pass-off knock-offs, I am curious if there is a definitive way to prove this pistol?

My best pedigree to date is the history in my family, which goes back to at least the nominal date-code. But can I prove it? If condition matters, i would provide pics, but for this inquiry I don't think it does...if i am wrong, I can provide hi-res pics of the deets.

Thank you all in advance for your consideration and opinions.

H. A. Kantrud

I'd like to know

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