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Mauser P38 Pistol / BYF43 p38 - Any info would be great
« on: December 29, 2015, 12:06:23 AM »
Ok, so Im on a dumb Gov Computer and can't upload any pictures but I was wondering if I can get any info on my P-38. 
So I'm going to describe as best as I can all the markings on it. 
BYF43 P-38
#6796e all matching
Looks to have a Waffenamt 135 on the frame and a 735 on the slide.
The mag has a Waffenamt 359
and the holster on the back has what looks to be xxA383 and on the inside what looks to be tattooed in to the leather 239
as well as a faded out Signature of someone.
so that is about all I can find as far as markings go.  I will upload photos as soon as i can get to a computer that isn't stupid.

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