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Model HSC Pistol / Mauser HSc Fail To Feed FTF Jamming Problems : SOLVED
« on: February 26, 2016, 07:43:14 PM »
Summary solution without the details:

New magazine springs corrected my problems on two Interarms HSC’s.  Springs came from Wolff Company, PA. Wolff Stock #72263, Mauser HSc XP MAG SPRING +5%.  Package of (3) cost $17.29 plus $4 first class postage. Hope this info helps someone.

Here are the complete details:

I own two Interarms HSc’s purchased at different times from different sources and with widely different serial numbers.

Both have feeding issues. #1 fails to feed most of the time with just about any FMJ ammo. Gun#2 will frequently have issues on one of the last three rounds in a mag.  In both cases the slide fails to close and the bullet is wedged pointing sharply upward in the breach.   I was cautious to not assume that both guns had the same problem even though it looked that way. I am also not a believer in the often heard: “ Polish the feed ramp.” That should never be required unless there is obvious corrosion.

I measured the spring tension exerted by the follower on the last round by holding the magazine upside down on a postal scale and pressing downward until the follower retracted approx one rounds’ distance. The pressure was approx 1lb 10oz measured on three different magazines with original springs. I replaced the springs and the new pressure required to depress the follower was now approx. 3lbs 8oz for each magazine.

Both the old and the new springs are 12 turn springs however the old springs are 4.75” long whereas the new Wolff springs are 5.75” long.

Went to the range and fired 50 rnds through each gun without a single jam. I call that success.

A comment on ammo:
When I was first researching the issue with gun#2  that mostly worked properly, I found my feed problems were the worst, by far, when using Federal American Eagle FMJ ammo.  I noticed that when viewed in profile the American Eagle FMJ is more fully rounded or bull nose shaped versus for example; Armscor or Magtech, both of which fed somewhat better though both still had problems.  After the new springs the American Eagle had no problems BUT I will not use it for this gun in the future because of the apparent greater tendency to FTF.

And finally, the ammo I really wanted to be able to use is a Hard Cast Flat Nose by Underwood BUT it is still a total jam every time even with the new springs. 

 I have found that my attempts to attach JPG photos that have been modified using Photoshop result in this warning:

Your attachment has failed security checks and cannot be uploaded. Please consult the forum administrator

However, if I save the image as a GIF using the drop-down commands: File, Save For The Web ..., then everything uploads without problem. Its possible that if you use the Save For The Web feature and save as a jpg it will also work. Dunno. Never tried it. The GIF approach worked and I had a solution.

From reading the Simple Machine Forum for this SMF software, this has been a problem for several years. It can be fixed via changes to the background coding but that is often outside the comfort zone of many administrators.

Hope this helps someone.

Model HSC Pistol / Interarms Mauser HSc Parts Diagram
« on: November 27, 2015, 08:52:04 PM »
Post war version diagram for those who may need it. The first two images are from the owners manual and include several errors. Yes, hard to believe but those German fellows made an occasional mistake.

The last image includes annotations to correct the mistakes.

I have found the source of the problem discussed in my other string on the subject. I started this new string so the solution would stand out if someone is searching. Hope no one minds.

My Post war Interarms Mauser HSc slide did not always lock on the last round; not an uncommon problem among handguns and a problem with several possible causes. However, I also noticed that the magazine protruded .04 inches further than it should from the bottom of the grip and tapping the bottom of the magazine would cause a locked open slide to closely unexpectedly = not safe.

The source of the difficulty was a missing part. A part that, I believe, is not found in the prewar HSc design. It is a sleeve through which the magazine catch pin runs and from which the mag catch hangs and pivots. If there is no sleeve, then the mag catch will hang and pivot from the smaller diameter mag catch pin. This improper positioning prevents the catch from fully seating the magazine into the gun and from correctly engaging the magazine safety. I could write more about these details but I won’t. I think you get the picture.  I tried to attach a 800 x 600 180KB jpeg image but I always get a forum error message. If anyone can suggest a fix, I will post a picture.

My Interarms Mauser was recently given to me by a family member that has owned it for 20 years and never fired it. Before that it was owned by another family member for more that 5 years (he doesn’t remember exactly) but he knows he never tinkered with the mag catch. I will never know for sure but I think it is possible that this gun left the factory missing this sleeve because few people ever disassembled their guns to the degree necessary to remove and lose that sleeve. And the gun operated mostly correct….

 This sleeve is not shown in any HSc diagram that I could find online and I must have inspected 30-40 examples. So how did I so brilliantly figure this out? …Bought myself another Interarms HSc in NRA Fine condition and took it apart….One can not have too many HSc’s!  Not only did the new gun have the sleeve installed but it came with the original owner’s manual which shows the sleeve as item #37 Sleeve.

Model HSC Pistol / Interarms HSc Slide Locking & Mag Seating Problems
« on: November 08, 2015, 08:24:40 PM »
I was recently given an Interarms Mauser HSc .380 and I love this thoughtfully elegant gun! I stripped, cleaned and oiled it and went to the range. It feels perfect in my grip and shoots really nice. However, it seems to have a couple of problems and so I come to the forum for your thoughts.

Issue#1: Slide does not lock back after firing last of 7 rounds and clip is empty. However it will then lock back if I rack it back. (and no, no limp wrist-ing going on here)

Issue#2: If I rack back with no mag installed the slide will lock back and then, as it should, slide shut when the mag is inserted.  If I rack back with an empty mag inserted the slide will lock back, however, it will snap shut unexpectedly if the bottom of the mag is tapped. Fortunately I discovered this without loosing any digits!  I notice that the bottom of the mag does not sit/seat flush to the bottom of the grip as I see in photos of other HSc’s. Rather, there is a .040 inch gap. Pushing on the mag will close the gap with a springy action and it then returns to the .040 gap position.  Looking in the breach I can see the magazine is in contact with the lever that I think Warbird  refers to as the magazine safety and it is providing the springy-ness. 

It seems as if the magazine catch is not properly capturing and pushing the mag fully into the gun. Yet the catch spring tension feels robust and I don’t see any obvious issues with the catch or the magazine metal-work. And .040 is quite a bit of extra play.

I’m flummoxed  !

I could take this to a gunsmith, and I may get there yet, but it’s not your typical gun and a lot of folks talk like they’re familiar with the gun and no problem they’ll fix it. But based on a few of their comments about how the gun is supposed to operate, I suspect they’re just blowing smoke, so to speak. So perhaps someone here can set me on the right path.

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