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KAR 98K Rifle / Odd looking BYF 44 K98 Mauser.
« on: February 21, 2016, 09:40:31 AM »

     My buddy and I was at a gun show yesterday and bought this  K98 Mauser off of this fellow and his wife. I never saw one like this configuration. I don't have a pic of it because it's at my buddies house. Its a Code BYF 44. It does not have a Bayonet lug on it. Instead it has a part that looks kind of like a cleaning rod and allen wrench combination that is screwed into the front of the stock up at the nose cap. Also besides the sling set up , It has another set up for a sling on the left side of the stock and it has a cupped butt plate with the firing pin takedown hole on it.I kind of thought this might be some type of Proto type rifle . Could anyone help us out on this rifle.and some kind of value, It has all matching nos. accept the floor plate and it's not a Russian Capture .Looks like maybe original floor plate got lost and someone put a milled plate on it. and lined out the no. and put the no. on this one to match the rifle. And there is no Import marks on it.Any help to Identfy this rifle would help . Thanks,

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