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Model 1910 - Serial No. 99803.  All numbers match.  But, this 6.35 mm gun appears to have a mix of characteristics of both Model 1910 and 1914, as follows:
  • Left side legend: Letter sans serif: WAFFENFABRIK MAUSER A.-G. OBERNDORF [/size]A.N. MAUSER'S PATENT.
  • Right side legend: None (except double crown over U proof mark)
  • Serial number: 99803 on left slide extension; 803 on rear of frame
  • Frame: 5.051" long (128.4mm); Rear portion above grip slants up
  • Slide serrations: 9 triangle cut
  • Slide plate: [/size]No latch; engraved with R. Bdecker [Mauser Banner] Hamburg.
  • Cocking indicator: Separate piece from the firing pin; does not show unless cocked; protrudes significantly when cocked
  • Magazine: (may be wrong style) Machined follower; oversized floorplate
  • Magazine safety: Yes - gun will not fire without magazine inserted
  • Magazine release: Machined steel with transverse triangle-cut grooves
  • Extractor: 1.67"long (42.5mm); uniform width
  • Ejector: Appears to have ejector with slide-hold mechanism
  • Slide hold-open mechanism: Yes
  • Barrel retention pin: Smooth without serial no.; recoil spring has separate guide (tube)
  • Safety lever: 0.4" long (10mm) slopes outward
  • Safety button: flat with circular grooves
  • Disconnector: Not sure...

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