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Hi All,
My first post on the forum, so a little about myself. Iím a 30 year retired military veteran who has always been fascinated by guns of all kinds but especially military weapons in particular war souvenirs/bring backs by veterans from past wars. Iíve been collecting militaria on and off since bugging my WW2 Veteran family members about their military service 50+ years ago.

A number of years ago, at a militaria show I traded an Italian pistol bring-back for a Mauser Model 1910 in a homemade pistol case with a WWI Iron Cross 1st Class on the top with vet bring-back paperwork. I figured I had the ultimate ďVeteran War Souvenirs.

Just recently, I started looking for more information of my weapons and while researching online found that there were in fact factory nickel plated Mauser 1910/34. In my quest to learn more I purchased a copy of MAUSER Pistolen by Weaver, Speed and Schmid published by Collector Grade Publication Inc. In it on Page 83, Picture 138 I found an exact example of my Model 1910 Side Lath, serial no 59452.
My Model 1910 Side Latch has the exact some markings on the left side and has a serial no in the 20,900 range.

My first question is; was there specific serial number ranges where the factory did the nickel-plated finish or did they just pull items of the line or in the warehouse for nickel finishing?

Know the German mindset they would probably do the later and also would have record the weapons so finished. Regardless of which of the above selection processes was utilized, the Germans would have recorded which weapons received the factory nickel finish.
So my second question is; does anyone have the factory list of which weapons were nickel finished or where the documents lost during the war or during the French Occupation of the area that the Mauser was located?

Thank you in advance.

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