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General Mauser Rifle Questions / Any info on my Belgium Browning FN Safari?
« on: November 08, 2018, 10:51:49 AM »
Can anyone tell me anything about this rifle I picked up on trade? Itís a Belgium made Browning FN Safari .308. I canít seem to find anyone local that knows anything about these rifles. I myself am not familiar with this style of rifle. [/size]From the research I have found I believe it to be a Mauser bolt action though this is the first encounter Iíve ever had with something like this. The guy I got it from said he thought it was made somewhere between 1966-1969 but had nothing to support that. Everyone Iíve talked to says itís a pretty rare gun is this true? Unfortunately it has a crack in the stock, though Iíve been told it doesnít look like the original stock, then Iíve had others tell me it does look to be original. Iím starting to get a bit of whiplash from different opinions. So I if anyone is familiar with these guns is it worth fixing the stock or restocking it and just keeping as a good rifle or just cut my losses and sell it as is? Any and all thoughts are appreciated.

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