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Did you get a chance to check the manufacturing date for this serial number yet?

More Questions:
  • When was this gun manufactured? (Everyone has to ask this one!)
  • What is the meaning of the engraving “R. Bödecker Hamburg.”?  Is this a personal name?  A sales agent name?  A police agency name?
  • Is this the correct magazine for this gun?  It is a VERY tight fit.  But, it activates/releases slide hold-open correctly.
  • Gun fires but will not extract cases. Cases get stuck in barrel about half-way out; must be driven out with dowel.  Is magazine possibly blocking cases from extraction?  Is there some other cause for stuck cases?  Anyone else have similar problem?
More photos to follow.

Model 1910 - Serial No. 99803.  All numbers match.  But, this 6.35 mm gun appears to have a mix of characteristics of both Model 1910 and 1914, as follows:
  • Left side legend: Letter sans serif: WAFFENFABRIK MAUSER A.-G. OBERNDORF [/size]A.N. MAUSER'S PATENT.
  • Right side legend: None (except double crown over U proof mark)
  • Serial number: 99803 on left slide extension; 803 on rear of frame
  • Frame: 5.051" long (128.4mm); Rear portion above grip slants up
  • Slide serrations: 9 triangle cut
  • Slide plate: [/size]No latch; engraved with “R. Bödecker [Mauser Banner] Hamburg.”
  • Cocking indicator: Separate piece from the firing pin; does not show unless cocked; protrudes significantly when cocked
  • Magazine: (may be wrong style) Machined follower; oversized floorplate
  • Magazine safety: Yes - gun will not fire without magazine inserted
  • Magazine release: Machined steel with transverse triangle-cut grooves
  • Extractor: 1.67"long (42.5mm); uniform width
  • Ejector: Appears to have ejector with slide-hold mechanism
  • Slide hold-open mechanism: Yes
  • Barrel retention pin: Smooth without serial no.; recoil spring has separate guide (tube)
  • Safety lever: 0.4" long (10mm) slopes outward
  • Safety button: flat with circular grooves
  • Disconnector: Not sure...

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