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Model HSC Pistol / Trying to make Late 380 HSc reliable
« on: August 29, 2015, 01:38:13 PM »
I have the Later 01.35*** Interarms I believe was made around 1973. Not a Collector but in VG condition. First time out it was pretty awful trying to get it to function. FT Feed almost every round with PMC Bronze.

I acquired some 380 auto reloading supplies & tried some dummy rounds in various lengths to see if there was a difference. My gun seems to like shorter than SAMMI (0.984) so I loaded some @ 0.962in average with Berrys plated 100gr. Was at the range yesterday & it increased reliability 10X but still had several FT Feed. Also had several full mags that cycled without issues. We are getting somewhere...

I have noticed there were some good marks on the brass from the round trying to get in under the extractor. I removed extractor  couple times & lightly taking off the sharp edges that hinder the brass chambering. While working on the extractor I realized the breech wall was raised around the firing pin hole as if the cutter was worn out from the manufacturer during the build. The feed ramp was all wrong... Mounting just the barrel to the frame showed there was NO attempt to fit or finish the frame to barrel feed ramp. I was able to lower the frame to meet the barrel & re-shape the cut in frame to match. Basically just blended the frame to match the barrel feed ramp. Also lightly removed the sharp edges of the barrel where the round enters the chamber.
Full spring kit from Wolf is on order & 2 recoil springs. Should be here this week & will definitely have the recoil springs before the next time out.

Since the range time yesterday I have further massaged the extractor & the breech wall. Cycled my dummy rounds many times by hand & not had any problems so far with chambering or extracting rounds. I hope this is the final work needed. I will report back after the next range session.

Some pics

Take down was very difficult when I first got it. The locking block had a lump of steel right where it was to slide over the block. It was extremely hard to get the block low enough to remove the slide over top of it. I removed the locking block & sanded it flat. Comes apart nice & ease now.

Model HSC Pistol / HSc 9mmK recoil spring
« on: August 24, 2015, 01:12:41 PM »
Hello  all,
I have a an Interarms 380 that I recently acquired.
Checking Wolf I see they list recoil springs as Early. Can I use the same in my Interarms 1973 ish modell HSc in 380 with 7 round magazine.

Also what's the compatibility of the other srings they stock for the same caliber?

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