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GEW 98 Rifle / A Wehrmann's Gewehr rifle
« on: January 23, 2017, 12:52:07 AM »
Ive seen a few threads on here concerning Wehrmanngewehr rifles, most of which have the T.St.V. marking of a shooting club in Austria.  Did custom gun makers produce their own rifles from standard Gewehr 98 rifles.   I will list the markings that I have     no military, or Mauser mark, although it is undoubtedly a Mauser G98,  marking on top of the front of the receiver, such as Oberndorf, or a Star, but  on the receiver, slightly to the right of center is "Rudolph Weiss", slightly left of center "Klotze".  Klotze is a place name, near a gunmaking area of Germany,  but the only Rudolph Weiss ive been able to find was one of the last guys to leave Hitler's bunker at the end.  Military guy, not a gun maker.  The parts all have serial number 9784, or partial parts of that, the barrel straps, and rear of receiver near the safety.  The caliber is 8.15x46Rmm.  It has proof marks in various places, crowns with symbols.  It has the standard ski jump looking 98 Gewehr rear sight,  and this thing is scary accurate, if I can see it, I can hit it. I can see why this round and rifle won so many competitions.   I make my own rounds from RWS brass and a .316 caliber lead bullet.   It was brought home as a war prize by a serviceman named Scroggs in circa 1945.  It still has the bayonet lug on it, making me believe that whoever customized it got it as part of a group of standard Gewehr rifles near the end of WW1, and re did them in the 8.15 cal.  Can anyone give me some info or clues where to look for more research.  I matched it up with one of those T.St.V rifles, Austrian Tyrol Target Shooting Federation.     and the specs are identical, the only difference that diff sight for that shooting club.    It will only hold one round, I believe there is some kind of block in the magazine  Thanks in advance, Wehrmann  I will add some pictures tomorrow,  i hope someone knows a lot about these rifles

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