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Hello. I purchased an 1909 7.65 x 53 Argentine Mauser a while back. It is all numbers matching and in really nice shape. I went ahead and purchased a set of headspace gauges to make sure it was safe before shooting. I tried the NO GO and the bolt will not close then the GO gauge. That did not close either. Took it to a gun smith (who has been taking a long time with my rifle) and he said he will do a chmber cast to make sure it is the right caliber. Well it was so the other option he suggested would be to replace the barrel. I am no gunsmith, but cannot the chamber possibly be reamed out a bit? Also I have read that there is a place that won't even make these gauges due to the difference of the headspace dimensions of military rifles manufactured early in the century. What would be the best course of action to get this rifle up to spec?

I recently purchased a 1909 Argentine Mauser in really great shape.
According to the description it is a 7.65 caliber.
I purchased a GO and NO-GO gauge for the 7.65x53 Argentine caliber.
When I go to place the GO gauge in the bolt will not close.
I never had this happen with any of my other rifles up until now.
I have read where many of these were converted to 30-06 years ago.
Is there anyway I could tell if this is a 30-06 instead other than loading a 30-06 and see if the bolt will close?
Any suggestions on this would be great.

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