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KAR 98K Rifle / No Letter Suffix, bnz 44 Barrel Markings Question
« on: August 30, 2023, 09:44:41 PM »
Good evening. I have had a no letter suffix, bnz 44 k98 for a few years now. All numbers present match and are of similiar font. V7 mark on the receiver. I never really got into the barrel markings until today when I read a forum thread from 2010 that was a survey of markings on known SS contract rifles. It used serial/ location(s), ring marking, and barrel markings.  Most of the barrel marking around my serial number were DH or DE, when I looked at mine it reads avk AZ with a small eagle over a 13. That’s it. No date, no firing proof, and when I looked up the code in “Backbone of the Wehrmacht”, said it was used in 1945. I know this book has some mistakes but is this one or do I have a bnz 44 rifle that was at some point rebarreled in ‘45 or did I get duped?

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