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Model 71/84 Rifle / 1871 Argentine Mauser
« on: June 28, 2015, 10:58:37 AM »
I have an 1871 (believed to be an Argentine) Mauser that I purchased from a pawn shop several years ago. It was paired with a Remington rolling block that I identified through another website as an Argentine from the early 1870's.  Both rifles have identical barrel markings indicating they were barreled in Belgium and have the Perron stamp and apparently the bore diameter stamp of 10.6.  I did a chamber cast of both in an attempt to identify the caliber and the closest I could come is 11 mm Mauser.  Unfortunately I can't afford Webster's book but my "Military Mausers of the World" doesn't even mention them.  Any help with ID or info would be greatly appreciated.  I also downloaded a picture of the Buenos Aires police with both guns from the same site but that site doesn't mention the 1871 Mauser.  TIA

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