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Title: Very Sketch K98
Post by: MikeHunt on April 07, 2018, 09:06:40 PM
Iíve been into Mausers since I was ten, and have now finally been able to afford nicer ones now that Iím 18. I got burned on my last purchase, which led me to purchasing Backbone of the Wehrmacht in order to become proficient. Iím considering purchasing a new rifle, but the rifleís finish makes me nervous and so does the the guys user name which is something along the lines of gun maker or as my paranoid side sees it as gun faker. The blowing seems to nice for a gun that survived the war. The guy has 100% feedback and has sold over 400 guns, but am still nervous. I hope some of you senior guys will tell me what you think as Iíve wanted an all matching Mauser for the past 8 years. Thanks Mike (