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Title: HSc Cutout
Post by: jcorl on August 28, 2018, 10:12:35 AM
Rock Island Auction house has a HSc cutout going up on the auction block soon.  Has anyone stared at that photo for an extended period of time?   I have and I pose a question.  If this is a correct, factory built, no serial number cutout, then what is that heat signature doing on the inside at the front of the trigger guard.  Why is that heat signature shaped the way it is shaped?   Why is there fading in the signature as it becomes further removed from the chamber?   It strikes me as a non-typical location for a obvious metal discoloration to be on an example in the white.  Perhaps this is just surface rust, but to me it looks different.  Perhaps there was a hardening process going on at that location, that would explain it.   I am just a HSc  devotee with a lot to learn, and I must admit that I cannot figure this cutout coming from the factory.  There is another piece of this gun that has me stumped also, but that is for a different time. (after someone spends $9,000 on it)   Thank you to the forum for letting me post my interest.

Title: Re: HSc Cutout
Post by: Warbird on August 28, 2018, 10:57:50 AM
Hi Jim:  I think you are looking at this as if this HSc would have made it out of the factory had it not been made into a Cut Away.  It could be (and probably was) a reject off the line that was turned into a training aid.

Peter talked to the owner some years ago and he kindly gave us permission to put it into the book (page 30).  I have no doubt that this is a legitimate, non-blued (in the white) training device as built.  But it is always good to ask questions as you have!  Keep looking ...
Title: Re: HSc Cutout
Post by: jcorl on August 28, 2018, 03:19:23 PM
Thank you Alan for the follow-up.   I am going back to staring at those photos again.  I just cannot figure out that dark black/brown spot within the frame.  That has me confounded.  You know.    It may be oil that has settled with age and turned into a varnish.  That has got to be why it has discoloration.  It now strikes me as old built up oil.  I guess I should have figured that out sooner. 

Have a great day and good hunting to you too.