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Title: Looking for a few parts and information on odd stampings. 1914 .32
Post by: Craig9409 on December 09, 2018, 12:27:31 AM

Hello. I'm new here.

 I'm looking for a disconnector and a trigger catch/sear or a complete trigger. I just purchased an early post war .32 commercial 1914 model with serial #254480. I took the side plate off to disassemble for a complete internal inspection and cleaning. It is missing the disconnector, part number 22 on the Numrich schematic. Also Part 23, the Trigger catch (trigger sear per Numrich- the internal pinned with spring part of the trigger assembly) has a small chunk out of its engagement face and probably should be replaced. While I can't be sure, under magnification it looks like it may have been built up with weld and then reshaped by filing but an incomplete weld build up looks like a small piece is broken out of the back corner of the catch face. The function is fine but I don't trust it. A complete trigger would be fine as well. All the other internals look very good. 

This gun is police marked with S.Me.IV.II.2. stamped on the front grip frame. The IV is has an X stamped over it.  Mr Pender's book says the Police markings are for the most part not decrypted as to what they mean. Does anyone know what these markings actually meant? It also has 1920 stamped on the left side of the slide just over the top of the Mauser address line. It is lightly stamped and not done by Mauser. On the slide there is another interesting stamp. It is very small requiring a strong magnifier to appreciate its stylized detail. If you take the slide off and hold it upside down with the front up as if you are looking at the internal surface of it, the stamping is located on the face of the righthand (as you are looking at it) slide rail so only seen with the slide off. It looks like the letter P with an M over top of it or maybe one leg of the M woven through the P. There is an incomplete one stamped on the frame also on a place not seen unless the grip is off. Possibly a milling acceptance quality control inspection stamp? I have not seen this stamp before on my other guns but this is my only police gun. Maybe it is specific to police acceptance? Any ideas on these stampings? This gun has its serial number stamped in full or partial on 5 different parts. Slide, frame, barrel, safety lever and ejector/slide lock. I have not seen this on my other guns either. Mr Pender's book says the front sight should be a ramp but it is the 1/2 moon. The barrel is correctly, un-banded per Mr Pender's book page 118.

Thanks for your help.
Title: Re: Looking for a few parts and information on odd stampings. 1914 .32
Post by: 1914mauser on December 09, 2018, 08:05:52 AM
Hello Craig and welcome to the forum. The S.Me. marking is Schutzpolizei Merseburg (Protection Police, Merseburg district) according to "History written in Steel by Don Maus". The other small markings you describe are most likely inspector or production markings indicating passing tolerance or station the part was machined on. The serial numbering is typical of examples of the period.

Hopefully you will be able to find the parts you are looking for. You mentioned barrel bands. The .32/7.65mm pistols did not have them. They only appear on .25/6.35mm examples. The barrel should have a ramped sight. If it has a half round sight it was most likely replaced.

Title: Re: Looking for a few parts and information on odd stampings. 1914 .32
Post by: pardt on December 10, 2018, 11:46:58 AM
If I ever finish this job in wy and get home I can help you out with some if not all the parts you are looking for. Will post again when I do get home.
Title: Re: Looking for a few parts and information on odd stampings. 1914 .32
Post by: Craig9409 on December 18, 2018, 06:04:20 PM
Hi. Thanks! I appreciate it. I did locate and order a complete trigger on Numrich. I still need the disconnector. I have been looking online and I found a place called Jack First Gun Parts in Rapid City SD who does some new production parts for these guns but they are out of stock on the Disconnectors for the .32/ 7.65. I certainly appreciate the information and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Please PM me when you get home and we can see if you have what I need. I have since bought 2 more Mausers in online auctions. I have 5 now. The latest ones are a 6.35mm and a 7.65mm. I don't have them yet as they are being shipped. I'm hoping one will arrive today. I tell ya... this is addictive.