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Title: Unpublished Mechanism System Mauser - Josef Nickl
Post by: juangomez on August 11, 2013, 06:46:32 PM
Hello to all I stand. My pseudonym is juangomez and live in Argentina.
 Sorry for my English, I translate from Spanish. In fact many know me from other forums.
  My consultation and reasonable debate is centered possible that there is a Mauser mechanical system that was never recorded in books.
  This system was not even patented by Waffenfabrik Mauser (WM) or by Mauser Werke (MW) or for any manager.
  This comment comes to that I own 2 pistols of similar appearance but one of them is mechanically different and even unknown to the community.
  I ask repeatedly if it is possible that this system can be forgotten between wars, bombing factories and even looting by enemy troops.
  If so we are talking about a missing link in the history of arms.
  Something unthinkable for more than one of the "experts".
  I have recorded several pistols like mine but all have at most well-known system of rotating barrel inherited CZ 22 and successive model.
  Even if I ask for the identification of these pistols, half would say it is a CZ (or something) and half incredulous would say it is a forgery.
  But to the surprise of this population of "inexperienced" or rather little knowledge of the area, we are talking about Mauser prototypes developed by Chief Weapons Engineer Josef Nickl (not to be confused with the metal, they can also call in the Slavic countries Nicklas).
  The genius of Josef Nickl, was stolen gun patents CZ Model 24 (known as vz-24) by the Head of Factory CZ - Gustav Bennes.
  This fact was conactenacion of facts and events. At the end of the WWI era with the Treaty of Versailles, which forbade 9mm weapons the Germans.
  That was developing communist revolution.
  It had an economic crisis (1920-1922) in Czechoslovakia and a boom in the industry in general (and specifically in metallurgy).
  Inflation and cheap labor Czech allowed subsidiaries of large companies were established in small countries.
  As we could see today in Argentina with foreign automakers Volkswagen, Peugeot-Citroen and even Toyota.
  Which produce parts for overseas and worldwide.
  Returning to arms, these factors along with the dismemberment of the Royal Family of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (remember that the family of Habsburg lost most of his fortune from the compensation it had to pay after WWI). Moreover, the Polish-Soviet War (February 1919 - March 1921) that generated the reset of years before Czechoslovakia became independent (October 1918).
  All these factors made ​​Mauser thanks to the contribution of the Agricultural Industrial Bank (Czechoslovak) and the decision of the Ministry National of Defense of Czechoslovakia, have become established a subsidiary and moved part of their machines-tools with highly qualified personnel. Besides German developments and ideas to come.
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Title: Re: Unpublished Mechanism System Mauser - Josef Nickl
Post by: 1914mauser on May 28, 2014, 03:51:54 PM
 Mr. Gomez,
Your pistols are rare prototypes; they are not unknown to collectors. They have been described in books.  As they are prototypes they would never have been listed in catalogues, as they were never put into production or sold to the public. You have posted these on several Internet forums where you have been told these things by the world wide collecting community and still you continue to make false assumptions about them. It is time for you to back up your claims or admit when you are wrong. Your pride is standing in the way of having an open discussion and learning everything you can about these examples. At this point it may be difficult to get advanced collectors/researchers to speak with you because of how you have reacted when you were told things you did not agree with. You posted confidential e-mails from a collector who was negotiating to buy these from you when I believe you never intended to sell them. You have edited your posts to gibberish on forums after you solicited information on your examples and you have insulted people who have tried to help you.
Burgess Mason
Title: Re: Unpublished Mechanism System Mauser - Josef Nickl
Post by: juangomez on May 29, 2014, 09:45:21 AM


La verdad este tema me tiene harto.

Por ultima vez, le explico a usted y a todo aquel que diga que mis pistolas están publicadas en los libros.

Que no es así. Porque son de otro tamaño y por que ademas desconocen los sistemas mecánicos de las mismas.

Gente como usted, saca de quisio a cualquiera.

Si quieren conocer pistolas que ni el mismísimo museo Máuser tiene en su colección, acá estoy .


Post Data: A lo menos le piso disculpa por se poco cortes. Algunos  tienen bien merecidas sus respuestas y otros se merecen algo mas...

Lo mio no es personal, pero usted parece que no quiere entender. Como dice el dicho "No hay peor sordo que el que no quiere oír"
Title: Re: Unpublished Mechanism System Mauser - Josef Nickl
Post by: 1914mauser on May 29, 2014, 10:24:32 AM
Please respond in English. Here is a translation of your post.

Actually this topic has me sick.

For the last time, I explain to you and anyone who says that my guns are published in books.

That is not so. Because they are a different size and they also know that the mechanical systems of the same.

People like you, take a quisio to anyone.

If you want to know that neither the very pistols Mauser museum has in its collection, here I am.


Postscript: At least you were little apology floor cuts. Some have well deserved their answers and others deserve more ...

The mine is not personal, but you seem to not want to understand. As the saying goes "There is so deaf as those who will not hear"
My reply
The fact that an example like yours has been published in a book is just that, a fact. If you wish to contest that please offer proof. Othewise admit that you have made a mistake.
It is clear that English is not your primary language but translations loose some meaning in translation.
I am telling you that you are the one who is not listening. Everyone is telling you the same thing. That there is knowledge about the Nickl pistols but you want to be able to say your pistols are special, unknown, and unique. You refuse to discuss why or how yours are different than the ones that are known about. Other than a few pictures and your claims you provide no evidence to prove you are correct and everyone else is wrong so until you are ready to have a conversation and consider input from the collecting community you will continue to appear to have a closed mind.
Title: Re: Unpublished Mechanism System Mauser - Josef Nickl
Post by: juangomez on May 29, 2014, 12:25:53 PM
Fácil cite el libro .

Le aclaro que la que aparece en Mauser Pistolen , no es. Repito la Geoffrey Sturgess de Mauser pistolen , NO ES.

Son diferentes.

Title: Re: Unpublished Mechanism System Mauser - Josef Nickl
Post by: 1914mauser on May 29, 2014, 02:51:56 PM
Please provide some proof. Otherwise your claim means nothing.
Title: Re: Unpublished Mechanism System Mauser - Josef Nickl
Post by: juangomez on May 30, 2014, 08:51:42 AM
Simple el tamaño. Esas son pequeñas (de bolsillo) las que publican en los libros.

Ni hablar de lo mecánico.


Simple size. These are small (pocket) that published in books.

Not to mention the mechanical.

Title: Re: Unpublished Mechanism System Mauser - Josef Nickl
Post by: 1914mauser on May 30, 2014, 03:13:03 PM
That is why you are ridiculed or locked out on every forum on the web that you have posted questions about these pistols then argued with the people who can actually have an intelligent discussion with you about them. If you fail to provide proof that what you are being told is not correct it is impossible to carry on a discussion with you. I understand that the language barrier is part of the difficulty but it seems beyond that. It appears that you have decided you know what you have and what they are worth and anyone who tell you something different, you say does not know what they are talking about. YOU ARE INCORRECT! SHOW US WE ARE WRONG BY PROVIDING PICTURES THAT SHOW THE INNER WORKINGS OF YOUR PISTOLS AND VIEWS FROM ALL SIDES. Otherwise continue to argue and remain uninformed, incorrect and rejected by the very people whom you have solicited help from.

Burgess Mason