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Title: WTP 2 grip screws
Post by: ggrayling on June 04, 2014, 11:10:07 PM
I am new to the forums and have learned so very much from reading others' posts.  Thank you.

I have a WTP 2 that is in very good shape, complete with a small leather holster and 2 sets of grips.  One is what appears to be the original black plastic ones.  The the other is a clear plastic set under which a former owner put pictures of family members.  I am uncertain if these pictures where of German or American ownership. 

However, I do not have grip screws for it.  I have looked endlessly online for them and cannot find any.  Numrich lists them but they have been "sold out" for at least a year and have no idea when or if they will ever carry them again.  I asked them if they had some sort of interchangeability reference (as in, does another gun use the same screws?), but they do not.  I monitor Ebay and Gunbroker regularly.  I have spoken to two gunsmiths who said they could track some down but have had no luck.  Another gunsmith said he could retap the holes and fabricate some new grip screws, for a rather hefty price, but I would like to keep it in original condition.  I've asked dozens of sellers at local gun shows and they just wish me luck.  Can anyone help me find and acquire two grip screws?  Does another more readily available Mauser firearm use the same screws? 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Title: Re: WTP 2 grip screws
Post by: 1914mauser on June 05, 2014, 09:30:03 AM
Do not drill out and re-tap the threads. It sounds like you have a decent example and that will hurt collector value. I have amassed a good amount of WTP  parts. I will look and see if I have the screws you need. First please let me verify which model of WTP you have. I can determine this by the serial number. If you don't want to post the number on the web you can e-mail me at A picture or 2 would be great too. I would like to see what the clear grips look like.
Title: Re: WTP 2 grip screws
Post by: ggrayling on June 12, 2014, 05:21:48 PM
Thank you for your help. I will keep looking for the screws. Hopefully someone else will see this and be able to help me guns some.

Title: Re: WTP 2 grip screws
Post by: jcorl on August 19, 2014, 11:26:32 AM
Post some photos of that little example, please?  I would enjoy seeing it.