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Model HSC Pistol / 1970s vintage Interarms Mauser HSc jam-omatic?
« on: July 08, 2020, 06:16:09 PM »

I have just entered the world of Mauser pistols with the acquisition of a 1970s vintage Interarms Mauser HSc 380. Appearance-wise, I would rate it at a solid 95%, possibly higher. It came with two Mauser magazines, and I purchased a third in the hope that this pistol would be reliable enough for CCW.

On the first range trip, to say that I was disappointed with the pistol's functioning is an understatement. With the magazines loaded with 7rounds, I experienced a combination of FTE and FTF, I can't be certain which occurred first. Often, the S&B FMJ ammo nose-dived, preventing the slide from going into battery. When I downloaded the magazines to just 6 rounds, I had a bit more reliable ejection, but about every third round, I experienced a nose-dive FTF.

When I returned home, I attempted to diagnose why the pistol didn't function reliably. In disassembling the magazines, I found that each spring was bent up at a different location on the top coil, and seemed to create an inconsistent fulcrum. I had read a number of posts on the net suggesting that others with similar issues were able to improve reliability by replacing the magazine springs. As a result, I ordered a set of+5% springs from Wolff, which arrived today.

Has anyone here ever experienced a similar issue with their HScs? If so, how did you correct this issue?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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