Author Topic: KKK magazine won't fit in 1914  (Read 3766 times)

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KKK magazine won't fit in 1914
« on: December 24, 2023, 02:05:39 PM »
I purchased a replacement magazine for my 7.65 M/M Mauser. It is too "thick." I have filed down the sides of the mag, and smoothed any "bumps" on the inside of the frame. There is no rust, the grips fit well. I've had at least four of these pistols in both 1910, 1914, and 1934 models.

This one is a Fourth Variant and while the surface was pitted, the bore, frame, and small parts are all in excellent condition.

My first one was purchased from the Army Rod and Gun Club in Berlin in 1962. They had obtained a pile of pistols and a few rifles from the West Berlin Police that had sat in the weather behind the police station since the end of War II. Being exposed to the weather, one side was usually fairly nice and the other rusted and pitted. They gave each club member a ticket so as to give them order in selecting their choice.

I was not a member and so had to wait till 4 PM that Saturday to join. The enclosed picture shows the ones I purchased. I wore my thumb out that winter filing and using emery cloth on the P-38 at upper left. I shot all of them except the Spanish copy of the S&W M&P. The LT. in line ahead of me had a Luger that had been buried and you could tell what it was only from the shape. I think they charged him a quarter for it. Probably the cheapest Luger ever. Excepting the PPK and the 1914, I think I paid $12 for the rest of them. After looking at the picture again, it's possible that it was a 1910, as I know that I've had one with the little lever on the side plate and this one may have been it.

I have another magazine on order from Bob's to see if I can figure out what is wrong. I can force the mag into the frame about 1" shy of seating. Any further and I have to tap it in (and ultimately out).

The only possible thing I have noticed is that the magazine spring (#13 on the exploded view) is very, very stiff.
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