Author Topic: Mausers age  (Read 2971 times)

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Mausers age
« on: December 07, 2015, 10:47:31 PM »
I own a custom built 30.06 with a Mauser action.
Its serial # is 80893. There is a diamond stamped next to the s/n.
The floor plate s/n is non matching with the receiver. 14250 is its #.
Anyone have an idea of  its age?
The barrel has engraved Custom Built by E K. on it. with a s/n 511973K.
The builder attached a weight at the muzzle and crowned it.
He also installed a block in the magazine so it won't hold more than one round in the firearm.
The fore end has been inletted to accept a horizontal grip like the Olympic 22's have.
So if anyone knows about dates or the builder of this very accurate shooter I'd appreciate it greatly.