Author Topic: A few questions about my new FN Deluxe  (Read 1207 times)

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A few questions about my new FN Deluxe
« on: October 31, 2018, 08:35:12 AM »
I'm ready to pickup my "new" FN Deluxe Mauser in 30'06 (made sometime between 1949 and 1963) and would like to nail down a few items with my fellow forumites. 
 The gun's serial number is 104XX and it came with an Armstrong "Dual Range" rear sight (a really trick/clever setup).  The gun, to include the rear sight is in superb, almost new condition.  Little wear on the blue (98%+) and similarly pristine on the wood (96%+).  Gun has no modifications what so ever.  Inletting is gorgeous, and the wood is not at all oil soaked after 60 years of use.  The bolt face and barrel show little to no signs of wear indicating it has not been shot much at all. The action is not drilled and tapped for scope bases, but only for a receiver sight.
 I'm interested in knowing three things:
 a.  What year was the gun made?  I've looked everywhere for a serial number list for this particular gun but to no avail.  Is the year marked somewhere on the barreled action?  If so, where?
 b.  My research tells me that the gun originally came with either an Armstrong sight or a Lyman 48 FN.  Do you folks agree?  Did it come with other sight options?
 c.  What is the current market value of the Armstrong rear sight?  This one is in superb condition throughout, has the original allen wrench (two sizes in one wrench - way cool) and eyepiece, and is in 99% cosmetic condition and 100% working order.
 Because the Armstrong sight is so rare, I've cleaned/oiled it, and put it away.  I replaced it with a pristine Lyman 48 FN with hunter knobs I had in stock.