Author Topic: It is so hard to understand. We unpublished the Mauser-Nickl prototypes?  (Read 5272 times)

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As the title says. It is so difficult. I think dealing with educated and respected people.
That also has intelligence to enteder you say something and it's not fancy.
I give two reasons why the gun is not published in any book.
Send photo but where this is not so.
1 - The size is large.
2 - Do not know what system they have, in fact is not rotating barrel.
Try alguin enteder can do to another on the subject and not accuse one of crazy.

greetings juangomez

Post Data: Geoffrey Sturgess pistol you see on Mauser Pistolen copyright 2008, is not the same.


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Exactly how large ?? ..... Height ? Width ? Length ? TELL US !

There are many variations of Nickle pistol.

Show us CLEAR Photographs of inside of pistol

The small rare Pocket Nickle pistol is in .32 cal. It has nothing to do with 9mm Nickles.  Yours is 9mm and there are variations of this pistol known among the over 100 manufactured.

However, ANY 9mm Nickle is larger than the Pocket Nickle in .32 cal.


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This is the same guy who has posted the same pictures on forums all over the web. The same guy you tried to buy from. He argues with anyone who says his claims are false and fails to provide any additional pictures to prove different. He thinks they are worth 100K. He has been banned or his threads have been locked on several forums. His latest round of post started on GunValues board where I told him they were worth between $10-20K and he argued. Then he resurrected some old threads here and on Still’s forum. I have tried to draw him out to provide some proof, pictures, etc… but he threw out some insults and went silent just as he did before. His latest username on the other forums is “sauerwerk “. I would appreciate discussing his examples but have little to go on as he refuses to engage.
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I'm making the call to ban him per other complaints.   5...4...3...2...1... Boom