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Model 1930 SN Location
« on: February 06, 2016, 06:04:12 PM »
A friend has a Model 1930, SN 892XXX.  The serial  number is on the left vertical flat on the chamber.  My Model 1930, SN 913XXX, has the SN on the top of the barrel extgension, at the extreme rear, just under the sight leaf of the rear sight.   Otherwise the pistols are identical in marking and configuration.   The 1930s I've seen all have the SN at the rear.  Anyone know when Mauser moved it?
Speaking of serial numbers, his stock with the Mauser logo does not have a serial number on the attaching iron.  One stock of mine with the Mauser logo has the serial number, the other does not.  Does anyone know when Mauser stopped stamping the serial numbers on the stocks?
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Re: Model 1930 SN Location
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2016, 08:00:01 AM »
I've been following these guns with interest and have started to collect some information on them. The M30 models have these variations.

- serial numbers on side vs rear.
- right side frame wording with upright vertical font....vs later slanted font
- right side frame wording that includes (or does NOT include) "DRPuAP".... Deutsches Reich Patent und Auslandische Patent (some references say "Andere" patent)
- rear sight tang with the 1000m number either read from LEFT....or read from RIGHT
- side rails that are solid vs slotted-pair on each side.

I've started to look at various internet sources,....guns for sale....shown on forums, etc. as well as looking at my own M30.  And I find that the serial number location change occurred sometime after 893XXX  (or after 898XXX, not sure of 3rd digit)... BUT ..... before 904692, which is the earliest I found showing it on the rear.

As for the stocks, reference sources say the stocks made for M30 did NOT routinely show serial numbers at all. Model M30 stocks typically do have the Mauser logo on the left side slightly ahead of the hinge, as viewed from an attached condition to the gun. Some sources say the MAUSER banner was added to the stock at the same time that the banner was added to the gun (on the Postwar Bolo's) at somewhere around serial number 510000., is maybe these that have the serial numbers on the stock, like all the earlier stocks had(?).   AFAIK, the M30 stocks with the Mauser banner do NOT have serial numbers. One good way of determining which stock is which, is to see the details inside the opened lid/flap. The M30 stocks have a wide cutout next to the metal latch, as shown here--->

If you have a stock WITH serial number and WITH Mauser may have been intended for these later Bolo's instead of being a true M30 stock.

Here is a good overall reference source for Broomhandles.

Cheers....hope this helps. :)

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