Author Topic: Mauser model 660 bolt disassembly  (Read 4687 times)

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Mauser model 660 bolt disassembly
« on: April 24, 2016, 11:47:51 PM »
I am having a embarrassingly difficult time with this.  I was recently given a Mauser model 660, I believe a grandparent purchased it around '72.  I am trying to disassemble the bolt but can not seem to make it happen and as far as i can tell from the last several hours of searching and trying no one else has either. I found a manual for a model 66, I tried following the instructions in there.  I was able to get the bolt sleeve turned 90 degrees, than push up the striker sleeve and engage the safety, after that though I can not get anything else to happen.  The safety on my model 660 is different than the kind that seems to be standard on the 66.  My rifle has a cylindrical safety that you push in on the right for safe and then the cylinder protrudes from the other side to show its safe (i'm sure theirs a name for it).  Could anyone shed some light on how to dissemble this bolt please? The rifle probably hasn't had 100 rounds through it in 44 years however I doubt it was ever cleaned in all that time either.